The Buying Process

When a foreign National chooses to buy within one of the designated Integrated Tourism Developments, the process is remarkably straight forward. There is no “exchange and completion” process in Oman, rather terms are agreed with the payment of a small non refundable deposit and then the processing of paperwork commences. A ‘no objection’ letter has to be obtained from the Development master community – this shows that all maintenance and service charges applicable to the property are paid and up to date. 

Then an application is made with the Ministry of Tourism to seek approval for the foreign purchaser.  This can take from 4 to 10 weeks depending on time of year.  Once obtained an appointment is made at the Ministry of Housing where buyer and seller meet, sign the papers and title deeds are immediately registered in the new owner’s name.  Of course there can be complications along the way but Savills has probably the most experience of all agents in Oman with such sales and can guide you through the process at all stages.


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