Oman has a large ex patriate population, primarily based here as a result of employment reasons.  There is also a growing number of people who choose to retire or spend extended holiday periods here, enjoying the cooler winter months and the calm and peaceful way of life the country offers.

For ex patriates working in Oman, residency rights are granted after work permit clearance has been obtained. This is the employing company’s responsibility to obtain and this involves a fairly stringent process of paperwork completion, medical tests and much queuing and waiting !   However, when all is cleared, a residency permit is issued, usually for 2 years (renewable) which opens up all opportunities such as opening bank accounts, buying cars, obtaining driving and liquor licenses and everything you need to call Oman ‘home’.   These residency rights are extendable to all members of the holder’s immediate family. 

For those that do not work in Oman but buy a home in one of the Integrated Tourism Developments, residency rights can be obtained subject to certain back ground checks.  This residency right does not entitle the owner to take employment in Oman though and if work is found, the residency visa is simply swapped for an employment visa.  



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These affordable studios would make an ideal weekend escape base from the bustle of the city, which is less than an hours scenic drive away.