Quality of Life

With a current population of just over 4 million, Oman does not have the huge oil reserves of its neighbors and is fast diversifying its economy to ensure ongoing prosperity.  Tourism is fast growing with the development of fine hotels and  new international airports in Muscat and Salalah.

Oman is a warm country, not just in terms of its hospitality.  Temperatures run in the mid 40’s during the summer months from May to September but winters bring about a temperate and delightful climate that attracts tourist from all over the world.

Whilst Oman is an Islamic country and all visitors and residents are asked to observe and respect this, life as an expatriate is not restricted in any adverse way.  Dress code is fairly liberal within the major cities but men and women should dress modestly, for example always keeping shoulders covered and trousers/dresses to the knee in very public areas including shopping malls and mixed social gatherings. Swimwear should be restricted to the beach or pools only.

The major cities are all served by comprehensive shopping and recreational amenities.  Global brands abound, together with hypermarkets and departments stores.  Shoppers want for little in Oman with new malls opening regularly. 

Culturally, Oman offers an exciting array of art galleries, museums and its world famous Royal Opera House in Muscat which hosts some remarkable performances of Opera, Ballet, Jazz and Classical music throughout the year.

With its beaches, marinas, mountains, golf courses, fabulous resorts and welcoming hospitality, it is often said that you do not need to be a millionaire to enjoy a millionaire’s lifestyle here in Oman!



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