Its Status

Oman is a Sultanate, an independent country in the region, often mistakenly confused as being a state of the United Arab Emirates.  Its ruling monarch, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, who came to power in July 1970  is credited with transforming Oman into one of the region’s most respected and powerful countries, one which has global acknowledgement of its political mediating skills. 

Oman is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council and actively partakes in promoting cross border cooperation. 

Oman is a “tax friendly” environment.  There is no personal income tax levied and corporation tax is low compared to global norms and differs for company types. Presently there is no VAT in Oman but in line with other GCC countries, this will be introduced in 2018 at the rate of 5% on all items except essential goods.


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